The Shirt

Made from a blend of silk, merino, & cotton, our men’s shirts offer comfort and practicality. Light yet warm, the breathable material makes these shirts suited to a range of activities from office to the outdoors. Odour-resistant and hard-wearing, Silkbody shirts offer a long life of comfortable use. Available in short or long sleeves and a variety of colours.


The tee

Whether it’s for the bike, the office, the gym or the bar, a Silkbody tee won't let you down. Silk’s unique properties mean comfort is guaranteed. Silk is naturally odour-resistant, light, fast-drying, breathable and warm & cool to suit. Ideal for layering or on their own, Silkbody tops will become your wardrobe staple. Choose from 100% pure silk or our exclusive silk/merino/cotton blend.


The tech top

Whether it’s a base layer you’re after to act as a second skin, or a light yet effective outer layer, Silkbody clothing is perfectly suited to outdoor wear. Warm or cool as needed, silk is also breathable and moisture-absorbent. In fact, silk can absorb one third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and is incredibly fast-drying. You are kept warm and dry by one simple, light layer. Silk is as warm as merino but lighter and stronger.