Why silk?

Best travel wear

I bought this for an overseas holiday travelling through hot and cold areas. The absolute best, light weight, rolls up easily and creases drop out. Also have leg liners and have worn them as leggings and pjs. I wish I had more Silkbody clothing. I love the fabric.

– Sue on the Silkspun Longline Cardigan

Only tee I ever wear

I bought my first Silkbody t-shirt before going to hike in Tasmania. I got advice that it would stay warm even wet (unlike cotton) and it would not stink (as synthetics). Since then, I do not wear any other t-shirt, period. It lasts for over 5 years until it starts to tear. It looks good all the way. It is the most comfortable fabric I ever experienced, whether I'm using it under my business shirt or my pyjamas. Summer or winter.

– Daniel on Puresilk Short Sleeve Crew

My favourite piece of exercise gear

I love the headwarmer! I use it over my ears on walks and bike rides. Fits under my bike helmet, I don't overheat when walking and biking. Protects my ears from cold winds and the frost.

– Rachel on the Silkspun Headwarmer


Silkbody is soft and extremely lightweight. You feel like you’re hardly wearing anything at all.


Silkbody keeps your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Your Silkbody also dries fast – on or off the body.

Safe and natural

Our fabrics are made from only natural fibres. Silk is one of the safest fibres you can wear next to your skin because it is naturally flame resistant. Where synthetics melt, silk burns to harmless ash.

One garment for all seasons

Winter and Summer, Silkbody provides thermal balance. Wear your Silkbody for luxurious warmth in winter or as a super-lightweight, breathable garment in summer that will keep you dry and cool. Its versatility makes it perfect for travel.

Smooth as

Silk feels softer against the skin than other fibres because it has a smooth surface and is extremely fine. With an average diameter of 11 microns (0.011mm), the silk fibre is one of the softest you can wear. Everyone can appreciate this, but it’s particularly important for those with sensitive skins.